"Yes, but not from you!" You'll find out what that means in Episode 10! It's a story of adventure on the high seas! In 2010, Mattman and Nine took a cruise with a bunch of people who listen to The Rise Guys. Why did Matt think he was going to be killed in the Bahamas? Why wasn't Nine worried about...
This week, the origin story continues where we left off last week! You'll hear about the very beginning of The Rise Guys Morning Show back in 2003 AND you'll get to hear the awesome story of Nine's 18th birthday. You don't want to miss these scandalous details and long-lost confessions. 
How did it all happen? Every great hero has an origin story, and so do regular dudes like us. This week, we go back to the beginning and discuss how this show started. It begins all the way back in 1999 when Mattman and Nine first met.
Did you ever get to live your dreams and hang out with your childhood heroes? Did you ever almost get your ass kicked by one of your childhood heroes? Did you see your childhood heroes naked? Well, Mattman and Nine have lived some charmed lives and they're here to talk about the time Mattman almost...
Do you ever think how lucky we are to be alive after growing up in the 1980's & 90's? That's what this week's cast is all about! We didn't have a Class Action Park of our own, but literally everything was dangerous when we were kids.
Or is it Episode 3, part 2? Either way, it's the rest of Nine's story about his dad's incredible life. This week, there are stories involving shootouts, car chases, murder charges, violence, and...memories of a happy childhood? It's the thrilling conclusion to the life & times of Eddie McDonald...
This week, Mattman and Nine talk about the life and times of Nine's dad. He lived a hell of a wild life. Prison, notorious serial killers, daring escapes, shootings, a guy even died! In part one, Nine is telling the first half of his dad's life story and you won't believe some of the stories! It's...
Mattman and Nine are back this week to discuss growing up religious in the south and why they stopped going to church along the way. Mattman talks about the pastor stealing his baseball cards, and he opens up about a far more traumatic moment that took place at the church. 

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Mattman and Nine keep the conversation going After Hours. They're going longer, they're going deeper, and Episode 1 is two guys trying to explain astral projection without fully understanding it. Military experiments, time traveling in space, disappearing war ships, and that's just the tip of this...