Food Fighters with The Rise Guys

Nine had this idea to throw food at Jeff and call it Food Fighters! Good thing we had free Foo Fighters tickets to give away for Saturday 4/28 at Georgia State Stadium in Atlanta! Go ahead and play at home. Will these things stick to Jeff? Here's the list: Honey bun Peanut butter Sliced sandwich...
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How much meat could you buy if you won the P1 Payoff?

How much meat can $1000 buy? Of course The Rise Guys got out their calculators and did some math!
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Headlines For Friday, August 18, 2017

6 am Headlines A mom in Florida was busted on Tuesday for snorting cocaine off of her iPhone . . . while she was waiting to pick her kid up from middle school. A drunk woman was swimming near a pier in Florida on Tuesday and got mad when she saw a fisherman's line . . . so she...
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