September 12, 2017

Leaving my house this morning, I got to see the aftermath Hurricane Irma had on the Upstate. Granted it was nothing like that of the lower part of the state nor anywhere remotely close to that of south Florida. It took me back to 1989 when the Upstate was hit with high winds from Hurricane Hugo which was the month after my very first concert: Metallica on their Damaged Justice tour. Coincidentally I am wearing my ...And Justice For All shirt and that was actually not intentional!

While I am rolling down this 1989 memory lane, the new remake of the Stephen King classic, IT takes place in that year thus updating the source material by at least 30 years as it has been that long since the book was released. This was really cool for me considering I was the same age as many of the characters in the film that year.

Moving past the film's element of personal nostalgia, IT was one of the most thrilling and intensely entertaining horror films I have seen in years. IT also made no apologizes and pulled no punches in portraying brutal violence against innocent youths. I am not saying it glorified such savagery, but IT did not try to mask just how sinister and pure evil the main character really is. "IT" has no moral compass, no compassion and no sense of remorse and the film displays that vividly in ways that a 1990 made-for-TV movie could barely touch upon.

So, if you love horror movies that don't try to go for modest and mild scares, this is what you are looking for and it will leave you begging for more which we will get in just a couple of years as the characters will return to face "IT" again. This time as adults which I am interested to see how they cast the adult versions. Personally, I can't wait to go see "Chapter One" again! And, by the way, if THAT was a spoiler for you, then you know NOTHING about the source material. Book or TV movie (which I was watching last night as the winds howled adding a wonderful creepy effect)! And to that I say, "Shame on you!" Go and educate yourself!