March 28, 2018

Last weekend was the fourth annual SC ComiCon at the TD Convention Center and, once again, Tessa and I got there early on Saturday to get in line for autographs from this year's guests. This year Tessa was the one super excited to meet a celeb since Cary Elwes was there and she is a HUGE fan of the Saw films as well as The Princess Bride so I let her get the pic and autograph.

But don't feel too bad for me because I managed to get a pic with the lovely Maggie Geha who played the second version of Ivy in the Gotham TV series on Fox.

Plus I got to speak to Cary Elwes, shake his hand and tell him that I am a big fan. You know, the usual fangirl stuff since I loved his performances in Twister and Liar Liar. Besides, who do you think took that masterful picture?

After the autograph session, I had an event to help with at noon then we went back to ComiCon with our son, Gideon. We broke out the stroller so he could sit back and look around. Well, that was the plan at least as he wasn't having it so Mommy had to carry him around while Daddy steered a mostly empty stroller that became a shopping cart! Hopefully he will be more enthused next year and the years that follow as it's always a great time to get your geek on at SC ComiCon!