March 21, 2018

This weekend it was all for the kids. Saturday was a lazy day for me - or as lazy as it can be for me these days as I spent the day at home spending time with my son. Typing those words and reading them back is still weird for me. But weird in a good way as I am one delighted dad, fortunate father and proud papa!

Sunday was the busy day as it started with baby dedication at my church as Gideon was one of four children being dedicated (two of them twins). We had a slew of family show up including my mom ("Granny"), aunt Pat, brother Anthony as well as Tessa's mom ("Yaya"), grandmothers Diane ("Mimi") and Cheryl ("Nana"), uncle Jason and Gideon's godmother Courtney. Yeah, we're the first ten people in the pic below (not counting Gideon)!

I had to cut out of the service early shortly after the dedication part so I could make it on time to downtown Greenville for St. Baldrick's. I was opening the event since Stoneman had a prior engagement and would be late.

Once again I led a team for my church (Take Heart Church) and this year far exceeded my expectations as our team of eight members collectively raised nearly $4000 (an average of nearly $500 per member) and I reached my personal best by not only exceeding $1000 for the first time in the eight years I have done this, but raising just shy of $1500! So proud of my team and how God has blessed us in our mission to fight childhood cancer!

This year the team was honoring Braxton Dollar who has been battling DIPG, a rare form of brain cancer. He is the cousin of one of our teammates' wives and it is with a heavy heart to report that Braxton has been placed in hospice care early this morning. Please show your support by going on the "Battling For Braxton" page on Facebook.

Since I hate ending on a sad note, I'd like to point out that Gideon will be three months old tomorrow. Now that I am a father, causes such as St. Baldrick's and the GHS Children's Hospital Radiothon that I have been involved with for years now have a whole new meaning for me. So far, Gideon has been a healthy child aside from some breathing complications when he was first born. I thank God every single day for that and I pray consistently that he remains healthy and never needs anything that these charities raise money for. I also pray for a day where none of these charities are needed. A child should never know pain and suffering beyond a brief moment of hunger to be sated in a timely manner by a parent, family member or caregiver.

Okay, okay! Not ending on a sad note I swear! Now that I have my baby face back, I have enjoyed displaying the similarities between me and my son. And, this, is the note (or image) I leave you with: