May 22, 2018

Well it's been a hot minute since I went to see Avengers: Infinity War and I have yet to give my two cents. Well, here it is: it was awesome! I won't say much more except to say that it left me feeling uncomfortable and anxiously awaiting the next part coming out next year.

The most uncomfortable part was learning that my wife had gallstones while we were waiting for the movie to start. She had an ultrasound done earlier in the week and saw her results online via her phone. The following week she had a consultation with a surgeon and had her gallbladder scheduled to be removed on June 18th.

One week ago today (last Tuesday), she started having severe abdominal pain while at work. By the time she got off work, it was so bad that she asked me to take her to the emergency room. If you know my wife, you know that it's serious if she's wanting to go to the ER.

We got to the ER a little before 9 but didn't get back to a room until well after midnight. They ran labs on her and saw nothing unusual so they were going to give her some pain meds and send her home. Before being discharged, another surgeon came into the room and expressed concern for how sensitive she was when pressing on her abdomen. He made the decision to keep her and work her into surgery later that morning. Let me tell you, I could have kissed that guy for reasons I will get to shortly.

So I picked up Gideon from my mom's and took him home to get a couple of hours sleep and feed the dogs. Later that morning I called in and took a sick day so I could be with Tessa before and after her surgery which took place around noon on Wednesday. The surgeon came out after the surgery and told me that it was a good thing they went ahead and took her gallbladder because it was severely infected and he wanted to keep her overnight to monitor her recovery. Knowing that Tessa would not be okay with being away from Giddy that long, I went and picked him back up from my mom's (yes, she had to keep him a lot last week) and brought him to see his mommy.

While Tessa was on her way to her room, I was on the phone with the guy moving her when a fight broke out in the lobby I was standing in. Some big guy grabbed a little woman from behind and she swung around and grabbed the dude by the throat!

The following day when Tessa and I were on our way to my car after being discharged, we were getting ready to get on the parking garage elevator when some unsavory woman came up from behind us and was yelling at her son (or so I would assume) who couldn't have been more than 3 or 4 years old. When the elevator door opened, she shoved the child in and continued yelling at him. So, here I was stuck in a small space with my wife who just had surgery and a crazy woman with a small boy. I was dumbfounded and honestly afraid Tessa was going to say something and incur the wrath of this obviously unstable woman. At the same time I wanted to say something but didn't know exactly what because any course of action could have backfired on Tessa, the child or both. I really wanted to get up in the woman's face and tell her that if she felt like shoving someone to shove me. I'm not advocating violence against women but I could have dropkicked her to the face for treating a child (hers or not) that way. Tessa cried for that child on the way home because, during all the commotion, he never had any look of distress on his face which meant he was likely accustomed to such treatment.

Since the surgery, Tessa has spent a fair amount of time with my mom and aunt Pat since she could not do too much lifting and had to take it easy with picking up our child. Her mom came down over the weekend to help out and now Tessa is starting to get back to normal slowly but surely. She's also been severely stubborn about taking her pain meds. They sent her home with 30. Nearly a week later she has 24 left. I told you, my wife's tough. If only she had been in better shape on that elevator....