November 9, 2016

Well, like much of America, I am shocked that Donald Trump managed to pull off a win over Hillary Clinton despite all the negativity that plagued his campaign like a lingering black cloud. I am also glad that the election cycle is finally over.  Now the bitching begins.  I do not identify as Democrat nor a Republican and I tend to dislike whatever party is not in power more than the one that is because that is the group that usually barks the loudest.  I do not care for politics at all so my two cents is pretty much at its end.  However, it is pretty cool that I have had a picture taken with the president elect!

While we're on famous encounters, on Saturday I had the privilege to meet one of the coolest, most original bands to hit rock radio in years, Ghost!  Admittedly, I was not a fan of the band at first but was sold on them with the release of their third full length album, Meliora as was my wife.  We have tried to catch them at festivals earlier in the year but ended up holding out for their headlining Popestar Tour as it made its way to the Fillmore in Charlotte.  We got to meet the band before the show and got our picture taken with them.

And the band most certainly did not disappoint with their set.  Their choreography was great yet very subtle as they don't dance but rather have intricate stage formations revolving around Papa Emeritus' movements.  Great theatrics and stage presence as well.  I can only imagine what they would accomplish on an arena budget!  As a Christian, some of the Satanic imagery bothers me a bit although you'd think I'd be used to it after cutting my metal fangs on bands like Slayer and Venom.  Then again, I guess it's a good sign that it does still bother me.

The rest of my weekend was pretty much devoted to hitting the studio with my band, Burn the Cynic to record our first single to promote on social media, "Revolution".  Saturday was spent setting up and having Ray lay down drum tracks which he managed to do without a guitar scratch track.  The next day, it was the rest of the band's turn to crank out our tracks starting with Moon and Boogz recording theirs simultaneously and feeding off of each other. I was next and managed to nail my bass track in one take!  Granted I had to punch in and fix a spot where my timing was off, but it was a great confidence booster!  I do not expect that to happen again with any of our other songs as "Revolution" is definitely our easiest tune at least as far as I am concerned!  Wes finished up recording with his vocals then we spent what remaining time we had giving our producer, Drew input on mixing.  He will hopefully get to finish mixing this week so we can get the song posted online soon!

Now it's time to prepare for The Rise Guys' 28 Hour Broadcast to benefit Toys For Tots which kicks off tomorrow in front of Bon Secours Wellness Arena in downtown Greenville! Easily my favorite station event!  We get to help out the kids of the Upstate and I basically get the day off the air!  It's a win-win!