June 19, 2018

Last weekend I had the honor of celebrating my very first Father's Day as an active father (not counting last year when I was an expectant father)! The first half of Saturday was a good lazy day then Tessa and I went out and joined some friends (one of which was also celebrating his first Father's Day as a new dad) downtown for dinner and a few drinks. We met at Sharkey's Pub and 'crashed' the Potter Pub Bash, a Harry Potter themed pub crawl which was already in progress. We didn't really want to spend the extra money to join in an official capacity so we just hit a handful of the bars on the crawl and sampled some of the Harry Potter themed adult beverages. The last bar we hit was Gringo's Cantina where we had some food to balance the drinks. They also had my favorite wizarding beverage: Butterbeer shots!

After Gringo's, Jay and Laura (the ones on the far right) cut out so they could get their son and get to bed early. Jordan, Courtney, Tessa and I made just one more stop at the Creme Shack and got some of their delicious rolled ice cream treats! I had the Crunch Time which has Cap'n Crunch's Crunch Berries mixed in which was amazing!

After we picked up Gideon and got home, Tessa had the task of making five pounds of candied bacon for church the next morning. I sat up to help get Giddy settled and for moral support! We didn't get to bed until nearly 3 am but it was well worth it because that bacon got destroyed at church!

Last but not least, Giddy and I got to sport our new matching outfits for Father's Day!