December 5, 2017

That was the most metal title I could muster for this blog recapping the debut of my band, Burn the Cynic which was this past Saturday at the Radio Room supporting Black River Rebels along with Dead Legends and Sweat Lodge. We went on second and got to pound out a killer 40 minute set. Everything went well although a couple of songs were rough because our drummer was in a great amount of pain. Ray was in a car accident last year that left him with some pretty severe nerve damage in his left leg. He has to walk with a cane so he can actually play drums better than he can walk. The problem was that we had practiced twice the week leading up to the show and went through our set three times and it had taken its toll on him. However, Ray fought through like a champ and came back and finished strong for the second half of the set. In hindsight, we should have doubled down the week before so he had time to rest his leg.

Not only was the set killer, the crowd was fantastic considering it was our first ever public performance! We even got a nice cut of the door!

We also got some great pics and footage of our set! I'll post a collage of some of the live shots below, but you can check out the video on Facebook since there is some NSFW language!

The craziest part of the night, however, happened AFTER the show after we had loaded all of our gear back into our storage shed. We saw some flashing lights off in the distance and thought that there had been an accident. Well, those flashing lights continued to get closer and they rounded the corner towards us as I was heading back to our storage unit to lock up our cut of the door. As I came back out, I saw the guys with their hands in the air through the small window in the door to the corridor of the building where our unit is. I slowly opened the door and waved my arms to show that I was unarmed. They patted us down and even inspected my wife who was sitting in my car while we unloaded. At this point, she was totally freaked out knowing even less than we did since she could not hear much of what was going on. She is also eight months pregnant and very hormonal to boot.

According to the cops (at least half a dozen of them), someone had called the cops claiming that someone had broken down the security gate and had a gun. Keep in mind we still had our show makeup on and Moon (the guitarist on the left in the pic above) looked like a classic cartoon bandit! As it turned out, someone was living in one of the storage units and we think he may have been the one to call the police. If that was the case, it backfired as he went out in handcuffs since living in a storage unit is illegal.

On the bright side, the cops were super cool with us since we were very compliant and were obviously just minding our own business (despite the fact that it was after one in the morning). One of the officers happened to be a big metalhead so I gave him a couple of stickers and told him about a big show we have coming up in the spring! I cannot wait to break the news on that one! We are taking the rest of the year off in the wake of the birth of my first child but plan to come back strong shortly after the new year! Big things in store for 2018!