April 18, 2017

To say that this weekend was rough would be an understatement. Saturday morning I woke up and let the dogs out as usual then laid back down. Shortly afterwards I heard Baymax whimpering as though he was hurt so I went to investigate. I called the pups in and only Baymax and Luna came to the door. No Vader. So I threw some clothes on and went on the hunt. I found him down in the cul de sac where the community pool is. He was scared and foaming at the mouth from the stress. I got him home then proceeded to try and fix the gap in the gate that he managed to get out of.

The next morning, on Easter Sunday, I did the same thing with the same results only this time Vader had managed to make it further into the neighborhood. The search had put me behind schedule as I was playing bass at church that morning as I had the previous night for the Saturday evening service. I messaged the others on the worship team and one of them made a very inappropriate comment suggesting how I should handle the problem. I replied back saying that I was going to act like they did not just say that to which they replied that they stood by it regardless. At this point I was mad enough to vent to the Twisted Missus which got her seething. So much so that she was rushing me out the door instead of the other way around. Thankfully she managed to calm down before confronting this person and we talked it out. To this individual's credit, they were quick to apologize and did so sincerely. They meant it as a joke which I had figured but admitted that they tend to take jokes too far without realizing. I ended up actually gaining new respect for this person as a result so it worked out very well despite having taxed us both emotionally.

After church, we met my mom, aunt and brother out to eat Easter dinner. I could tell my brother was already keyed up as Mom had been questioning him about his new Facebook profile. When we were seated at our table, he started grumbling about not having much to choose from since he has to watch what he eats now that he has a gastric sleeve. He finally found something he wanted that he could have and placed his order. Shortly afterwards, he began to get more agitated with Mom and started flying off the handle at her. At this point, I tried to calm him down by telling him that Tessa and I had an unpleasant experience that morning yet chose not to bring it with us to the restaurant and asked that he would just try to be pleasant for the duration of the meal. Then he popped off at me which flipped my switch and I was ready to jump over that table and lay into his face and turn it into a Picasso painting. Needless to say, it caused quite the scene in which I will freely admit I played my part. Eventually Mom had to leave before our food arrived to take him back to his car then returned and tried to eat. I was the only one who really did but I was forcing it down because I refused to let him spoil it for me. I just cannot take it when he talks to our mother the way he does and the animosity and lack of respect he displays for his own family. He has been this way for years and has gone back and forth claiming to have changed his ways only for his old self to keep coming back with a vengeance. And we keep taking him back because he's family. To make it worse, he goes on Facebook trying to play the victim claiming he has no family in South Carolina and people buy it. I can write a book on all the things he's pulled but I do not have the time to write it and I doubt anyone would want to read it. It would be purely cathartic. I'm just tired of dealing with it. My wife especially because she married into this problem.

On the bright side, we did manage to fix the gap in the gate. It's a WT rigging but if he gets out now, I'm changing his damn name to Houdini!