Headlines For Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The Rise Guys

January 9, 2019

6 am Headlines

Imagine Dragons superfan and Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin is mad that Lil Wayne was part of the Dragons' halftime show during the college football national championship game.  He Tweeted that Wayne ruined an entertaining performance.

The cops in California are hunting for a guy who stood outside a family's home early on Saturday, and spent three hours licking their doorbell.  He'll be looking at prowling charges.


7 am Headlines

A game warden in Oklahoma randomly caught a deer poacher last month . . . when she matched with him on the dating app Bumble and bragged about shooting a deer.  She wound up getting hit with a $2,400 fine.

People on Twitter are losing their minds after an image went viral that uses fairly basic math to show that one large, 18-inch pizza is actually more total food than TWO 12-inch pizzas.


9 am Headlines

Bryan Cranston says there's nothing wrong with him playing a disabled character in an upcoming movie . . . but he does support, quote, "the need to expand opportunities."

 A substitute teacher in Florida had a problem with her principal . . . so last month, she messed up a birthday party the principal was throwing at a park by smearing POOP on the tables and grills.  She was arrested for damaging property and criminal mischief.