For Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Rise Guys

October 16, 2018

6 am Headlines

Cops in Florida saw a crack pipe in a woman's purse last Friday.  But before they could stop her, she chewed it up, and swallowed the broken glass.  She still got arrested for multiple charges though, including tampering with evidence.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West met with the President of Uganda, and at one point during their chat, the President asked Kim what she does for a living.  He also gave them both honorary Ugandan names.


7 am Headlines

Black Panther and Donald Trump will be popular Halloween costumes this year, say American

There's a new "Golden Girls" cereal available exclusively at Target.  It's a 'multigrain' cereal that looks a little like all-blue Apple Jacks.  They also have cereals for other throwback characters.

Police issue warning after woman cuts herself on razor blade left taped on her car door handle in Myrtle Beach


9 am Headline

Woman exposes herself at Church's Chicken.

 Louis CK addressed his sex scandal during some comedy sets last week.  He talked about being booed in the streets, said he'd been to Hell and back, and revealed that he, quote, "lost $35 million in an hour."

Stephen Hawking's last warning for humans is dire.