Headlines For Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Rise Guys

October 11, 2018

6 am Headlines

A Medieval knight re-enactor has impaled himself with his lance during a performance and died.

Here's the newest dating term for you:  "Sneating."  That's when a woman goes on dates with guys just to get free meals. 


7 am Headlines
American cheese is dying . . . sales are down for the fourth year in a row and the average price is down to 2011 levels.  Why?  Like always, millennials get the blame . . . they're really moving away from processed foods, and American cheese is one of the most processed.


9 am Headlines

Dog gets 3D-printed skull after vet removes a massive tumor.

A website calculated all the ways "The Simpsons" lost out on money over their first 29 seasons . . . and it turns out they let $350 BILLION get away.  Homer has done the most damage, not surprisingly.  His blunders have cost the family $333 billion.

A guy in Texas decided to spray himself down with brake cleaning fluid on Tuesday to kill "bugs" that were crawling on his body.  Then he tried to vacuum them off himself, and was seriously injured when a spark from the vacuum ignited the fumes and caused an EXPLOSION that blew out a wall of his mobile home.