Headlines For Monday, September 24, 2018

The Rise Guys

September 24, 2018

6 am Headlines

Dave Grohl survived Nirvana.  Could it have been something as simple as going home?

A strip club in Ohio lost its liquor license last week after cops found out they'd been letting guys use food stamps to pay for lap dances.


7 am Headlines

A woman on the Vietnamese version of "The Bachelor", two of the women decided to leave the guy and run off together.  But one of them eventually changed her mind and came back.

It's not your fault you're lazy.  A new study by evolutionary biologists found we're all hardwired to be lazy . . . because it helps our bodies save energy, which was a big survival advantage for ancient humans.

A woman is arrested for taking away her daughter's phone as a punishment.


9 am Headlines

A guy in Mexico City hired a mariachi band to serenade his girlfriend earlier this month, but it turned out his girlfriend was married. . . and her husband happened to be the band's lead singer.  So the boyfriend and husband got into a fistfight, and there's no word on whether either of them dumped her. 

A guy in Wisconsin ran from the cops last week after they caught him stealing alcohol from a grocery store.  But he wound up surrendering after an hour . . . to get away from swarming mosquitos.