Headlines For Thursday, October 8, 2020

The Rise Guys

October 8, 2020
Rise Guys Headlines

6 am Headlines 

How would you like to get paid $1,000 to watch your own all-night horror festival on Halloween?  .

Three months after being canceled at Paramount Network, the show 'Cops' is filming again to fulfill commitments in overseas territories.


7 am Headlines

Kids won't be sitting on Santa's lap this year.
COVID-19 pandemic will force mall Santas to see children behind plexiglass snow globes, zoom calls.

Netflix is testing a tweak to their annoying "Are you still watching?" message, which may allow you to OPT OUT of seeing it in the future. 


9 am Headlines

A guy in Pennsylvania was arrested last week after he reached out to a woman asking if he could rent her horse, so he and his wife could have a threesome with it.

"Saturday Night Live" pulled the plug on Morgan Wallen as this week's musical guest after videos and pics hit the web of him partying without a mask last weekend