Headlines For Monday, July 6, 2020

The Rise Guys

July 6, 2020
Rise Guys Headlines

6 am Headlines

The Beatles nearly reformed for a one-off gig in 1976 but were put off when they discovered a Great White shark was the warm-up act.

A guy who slashes women's tires to try to meet them is busted when he does it to the same woman twice.


7 am Headlines

46% of people now roll out of bed less than 10 minutes before starting to work remotely.

‘The Office’s’ Leslie David Baker launches a new Kickstarter for Stanley Hudson spin-off show.

South Carolina ranks seventh in the top 10 worst states in the country. 
Here are the states with the best and worst drivers.


9 am Headlines

75% of us are taking more extreme measures to avoid germs than we did before the pandemic.