Headlines For Friday, June 12, 2020

The Rise Guys

June 12, 2020
The Rise Guys

6 am Headlines


Was the Kids’ TV Show ‘Paw Patrol’ canceled?
Tongue-in-cheek social media posts led to rumors about the popular Nickelodeon show.
"Paw Patrol" isn't going anywhere but maybe Disney's Splash Mountain is?

A guy pleads guilty to breaking into his grandmother's house to steal $1.25 worth of hot dogs.

A man has pleaded guilty after he broke into his grandma’s house and raided her cupboards while high on drugs.

Daniel Allen, 22, had climbed in through her bedroom window in the early hours of the morning before taking his shoes off and venturing to the kitchen.



7 am Headlines

The study discovers BAM15 as a potential treatment for obesity.

Lady Antebellum has changed its name to lady A.


9 am Headlines

Sharon Stone once got hit by lightning while filling her iron with water.  

Chuck E. Cheese is reportedly on the brink of bankruptcy.

Four out of five people say their lifestyle completely changed once they had kids, according to a new survey.  And the most common changes are:  They stopped going out late they made serious efforts to save money and they got a steady job.

Would you pay $100 to a Garth Brooks Concert on a drive-in screen?