Headlines For Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The Rise Guys

September 4, 2018

6 am Headlines

A TV Meteorologist beat up a TV anchor who accused her of flirting with her husband.

Authorities say, a woman broke into two homes, tried to steal baby, and said, 'monkeys are out to get me'.


7 am Headlines

Two Malaysian women convicted of attempting to have lesbian sex in a car have been caned in a religious court.

A semi was carrying a shipment of Axe Body Spray through Texas on Friday morning when somehow it caught on fire . . . and all that Axe exploded. 

There's a woman in Australia who says her 14-year-old son is so addicted to "Fortnite" that he doesn't go to school anymore . . . and he headbutted her when she tried to take it away.  Now she's searching for doctors who can help break his addiction.


9 am Headlines
 A guy in Italy went to the hospital recently after he got-it-on with a two-foot adult toy, and it got lodged inside him.  And it was so deep and so slippery that the doctors couldn't get it out with their normal tools . . . and they had to invent a new tool using some wire to pull it out.

Some idiots in Virginia have broken into a shoe store twice this summer and taken a bunch of shoes.  But almost all of them were display shoes that were right-footed.

 A burglar in Minnesota was busted when he drove into a huge pile of manure and his truck got stuck.  Then when he tried to run away, he sank into the manure and his shoes came off deep in the pile.  He was arrested for burglary.