Headlines For Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The Rise Guys

August 28, 2018

6 am Headlines

A bride's Facebook post is going viral right now because she asked her guests to pay for her wedding.  She wanted a $60,000 wedding, but only had $15,000 . . . so she asked her guests to contribute $1,500 each.  And when they wouldn't, she called off the wedding . . . and ended things with her fiancé.

A Texas man wore a wig, makeup, and a dress to film woman in next restroom stall.


8 am Headlines

John Goodman has revealed how Roseanne Barr's absence will be addressed on "The Conners".  In a new interview, he said his character will probably be mopey because his wife is dead.

Deaths from drugs, alcohol and suicide now outpace diabetes.

Netflix has 130 million streaming subscribers around the world.  I don't know if that number amazes you, but this one might:  3 million people still get DVDs in the mail from them.


9 am Headlines

One in seven U.S. adults used marijuana in 2017.

A new survey found people without kids can get ready for work in 22 minutes if they're in a rush.  But having just one kid bumps it up to 45 minutes.

 A woman in Louisiana was arrested on Friday after setting her own couch on fire to, quote, "get the devil out" of it.