Headlines For Monday, August 27, 2018

The Rise Guys

August 27, 2018

6 am Headlines


There was just a case on United where an emotional support animal had its own emotional support animal.  We know a dog and a monkey were involved, but we don't know which one was supporting the other.

Scotland to offer free sanitary products to all students to help ‘banish scourge of period poverty’.


8 am Headlines 



John McCain died on Saturday after a battle with brain cancer.

Here's some shocking news:  A new study found that money leads to a better life.  The researchers found that lottery winners were more satisfied  with their lives than the rest of us . . . and the bigger the jackpot, the happier they were.

 A couple in China couldn't conceive for four years, and they just went to a doctor for help, where they found out why:  They'd been having sex the wrong way.  Yes, they were having sex . . . but, you know, not in the way that leads to pregnancy, and neither of them realized they were doing it wrong.

 At least three people are dead and 11 are injured after a gunman opened fire Sunday afternoon during a video game tournament in Florida that drew professional players from around the world.


9 am Headlines


A new study found all alcohol is terrible for you . . . it kills millions of people a year, and the downside outweighs any potential health benefits.  But . . . an evolutionary psychologist says it could be the key to the human race.  

A website accused Pete Davidson of having "butthole eyes" . . . which means sunken eyes with dark rings around them.  A gastroenterologist says the condition is probably caused by the dehydration associated with Crohn's.