Headlines For Friday, August 24, 2018

The Rise Guys

August 24, 2018

6 am Headlines


There's such a thing as being "too smart" to date, according to a new study.  Researchers found that women preferred a guy who was smart, but not a genius, because they're too high maintenance.  

A security guard filmed all his farts for six months and went viral.


8 am Headlines


A resort company in Mexico is looking to hire someone to travel between their six resorts for a year to put up social media content about everything they have to offer . . . and they'll pay you $120,000 to do it.  

 A guy in Arkansas was arrested last month on a warrant from California.  But his girlfriend got him out by posing as a deputy from California and telling them to let him go.  

ABC is developing a "Bewitched" reboot about an interracial couple, where Samantha is a black single mom-slash-witch, and Darrin, is a white slacker.  There's no word on any casting yet.


9 am Headlines