Headlines For Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Rise Guys

August 7, 2018

6 am Headlines


A new study asked men about what they really do when they're in the shower.
83% of men pee in the shower.

Facebook is testing out a new dating feature.  You'll be able to set up a dating profile that's separate from your main profile, and it looks like Facebook will recommend people to you based on your interests and mutual friends.


8 am Headlines

No foul play suspected in death of South Carolina man featured in 'My 600-lb. Life'.

At "Pheromone Parties," You Smell People's Sweaty Shirts to Figure Out Who You're Attracted To.

Rosie O'Donnell says people have confused her with Roseanne Barr, and that includes people who confront her over Roseanne's racist Tweet.

We spend just over $40 every time we drunk shop on Amazon.  The purchases we regret most are phones, books, and household items.  The drunk-buys we regret least are musical instruments, pets supplies, and health-related things.


9 am Headlines

Carrie Underwood  says the songs on her new album are more reality-based than her previous records, because everybody is still alive at the end. 

Beyonce praised her 'FUPA' – here's what it is, and why fans are obsessed.