Headlines For Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Rise Guys

July 11, 2018

 6 am Headlines

A guy in Washington broke into an escape room business on Saturday night . . . but he couldn't figure out how to get out.  So he wound up calling 911 for help, and the cops came and arrested him for burglary.

10 volunteer firefighters have beeen accused of multiple arsons in NC.

George Clooney almost died in an accident in Italy yesterday, when a car pulled out in front of his scooter.  He was thrown 20 feet in the air, and his helmet shattered when it hit the car's windshield.  But he's apparently okay, and is recovering at home.


7 am Headlines


A guy in New Jersey got home on Monday and found his wife dead in the garage with their mechanic.  It turns out she'd offered to pay the guy for his repair work with SEX . . . but they did it in the garage with the car running, so they both died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Disney announced yesterday that "Indiana Jones 5" is being pushed back to July 9th, 2021, due to some script rewrites.  That's four days before Harrison's 79th Birthday.  He's 75 now, and filming hasn't even begun yet.


9 am Headlines


Sarah Palin says Sacha Baron Cohen duped her in "Sick" interview.

 A woman in England had a plan to propose to her boyfriend a few years back by hiding a ring inside of a plastic Easter egg . . . and then putting it in her lady parts.  But it got stuck, so they had to go to the hospital where a doctor removed it with forceps.  And then she proposed . . . and her boyfriend said yes.