Headlines For Monday, July 30, 2018

Rise Guys Headlines

July 30, 2018

6 am Headlines 


There's a guy in Alberta, Canada who recently legally changed his gender to female . . . so he could save about $840-a-year on car insurance.  And in Alberta, all it takes to legally change your gender is a doctor's note.

Woman shoots her husband to death for buying porn.


7 am Headlines

Old pictures of Brad Pitt with exes like Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jennifer Aniston seem to prove that Brad tends to adopt a look similar to whoever he's dating.  Which is kind of weird.

A new study found four out of 10 men say they've felt an inexplicable, intense sadness at some point in their life after getting-it-on.  It's a phenomenon called "postcoital dysphoria," and it also affects about half of women . . . but no one's exactly sure what causes it.


9 am Headlines

 A new survey found 52% of men have forgotten their wife or girlfriend's birthday before.  That's compared to just 24% of women who've done the same.  But when guys remember, they spend more . . . $164, compared to $117.

For some reason, the Internet is trying to get Nirvana to reform with Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger on vocals.  Nothing will probably come of it, but that won't stop people from talking about it.