Headlines For Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The Rise Guys

March 12, 2019

6 am Headlines

A flight from Saudi Arabia to Malaysia had to turn around and return to the gate over the weekend after a woman on board realized she'd left her newborn baby in the terminal.


7 am Headlines

Jose Canseco accuses A-Rod of cheating on J-Lo.

A Queen insider claims a "Bohemian Rhapsody" sequel is supposedly in the earliest stages of development, although there aren't any details on how that would work.  But one of the movie's producers says it isn't happening.

Here are a few ways to get out of jury duty.


9 am Headlines

Cops in San Diego arrested a guy last week who is accused of robbing several banks over the last few months.  And it turns out he's a neuroscientist who has a Ph.D.

A Detroit rapper who bragged about committing credit card fraud was arrested for credit card fraud.
A third of people in relationships have been "phubbed" before.  That's when the other person ignores you or doesn't hear you, because they're so focused on their phone.  

Huge whale gulps up diver.