Headlines For Friday, February 8, 2019

The Rise Guys

February 8, 2019

6 am Headlines

Jeff Bezos says the "National Enquirer" is trying to blackmail him with nude photos.

The average person gives their partner's Valentine's Day efforts an "F".

7 am Headlines

 The new "Pet Sematary" makes a major change from the book and the original movie:  Instead of the little boy, Gage, getting killed and resurrected by the Pet Sematary, it's his sister Ellie.  Meanwhile, Stephen King Tweeted out a warning that the movie is scary.


 If making eye contact with people makes you nervous, just stare at their nose, mouth, or forehead instead.  A new study found we can't really tell the difference.

There's a guy in Melville, Saskatchewan, Canada whose real name is Dave Assman.  And he's upset because he tried to get his last name on a license plate and the government said no. 

9 am Headlines

The ten ways that "Making Love" is different than "Having Sex".

It only costs $627 to "feel like a million bucks," according to a new study.  They found if you spend that much on clothes, accessories, a haircut, and makeup, people say it makes them feel like a million bucks.
A carjacker in St. Louis dropped his phone on Monday.  So the victim grabbed it . . . used it as a bargaining chip . . . and the carjacker had to trade the car to get it back.