Headlines For Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The Rise Guys

January 30, 2019

6 am Headlines 
Netflix has a hit on its hands with its new Ted Bundy docuseries.  Unfortunately, a lot of women are finding themselves attracted to him.  So Netflix released a statement reminding them that there are thousands of other hot men on their service, and most aren't serial murderers.

7 am Headlines

According to a new study, we spend 131 total days every year feeling bored.  That's more than one-third of every year we're wasting on boredom.

Some cousins in Kansas got into a fight during a game of Monopoly on Friday . . . which ended with a woman hitting a guy and pushing him into a mirror.  He needed stitches . . . and she took off running.  The cops are still trying to track her down.