Headlines For Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Rise Guys

January 10, 2019

6 am Headlines
There's a movement right now for women to stop shaving ALL hair for the entire month.  It's called JanuHairy.  So consider this an informative public service announcement.  Or, perhaps, a pubic service announcement?

There's a "love rectangle" in the NYPD right now.  Two cops got busted for having an affair . . . and both of them are in relationships with other cops.  The NYPD is investigating, and they took away all four cops' guns to make sure no one got shot over all of this.


7 am Headlines
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife MacKenzie are getting divorced.  If she were to receive half his $136 billion fortune, she'd be the fifth richest person in the world, and wealthier than Mark Zuckerberg.

A new study figured out the official definition of "beer o'clock."  And the consensus is . . . 6:31 P.M. on Friday.


9 am Headlines
A 79-year-old guy in Ohio called 911 last week to report a robbery . . . after two hookers took $500 from him, even though he wasn't satisfied with their services. 

The porn site xHamster.com just released their "2019 Trend Report," which is based on everything people did and didn't watch on their site last year. 

Buzzfeed just put together a list of some of the big clichés in American movies and TV shows . . . which CONFUSE people from other parts of the world.