Headlines For Monday, July 9, 2018

The Rise Guys

July 9, 2018

6 am Headlines


Child accused of intentionally setting home on fire in Myrtle Beach area.

A new study found wearing your tie too tight reduces blood flow to your brain by 8%, which can make it harder to focus . . . and effectively make you dumber.  In extreme cases, it could even cause a stroke.


7 am Headlines


Marine Corps Recruiting Command spokesman quickly shot down the idea that the Marine Corps is using dating apps as a platform for recruitment.

Facebook Inc. co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has overtaken Warren Buffett as the world’s third-richest person, further solidifying technology as the most robust creator of wealth.

 A new study found people with expensive sports cars, like Corvettes and Porsche 911s, barely drive them.  They drive less than 5,000 miles a year, which is around 60% below average for all cars.


9 am Headlines

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte sparked outrage when he called God "stupid" and a "son of a b****." Duterte also said if anyone can prove God exists, he will resign.

A Kentucky woman is accused of selling meth in the Magoffin courtroom while waiting for judge to appear.

A new trend is to write messages on bananas in-store, and banana-loving strangers will find your words hours later when they take their fruit home.