For Monday, January 9, 2017

The Rise Guys

January 9, 2017

6 am Headlines


 Meryl Streep went off on Donald Trump during the "Golden Globes", although she never said his name.  It was during her acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award. 

 The cops in Pennsylvania tried to pull over a drunk driver last week, but she drove into a river . . . and kept drinking her beer as she floated away.

A new study found that a zombie apocalypse would wipe out humanity VERY quickly . . . it would take less than 100 days for pretty much everyone to get killed or infected.


8 am Headines

A guy hired 50 strippers to dance on jeeps at his father's funeral.

There's a park just outside of Atlanta called Snow Mountain where people go for sledding, tubing, and building snowmen.  But since Georgia doesn't exactly have a snowy climate, they have to make their own fake snow. listed the Top 20 Best-Selling Country Artists of all time.  Garth Brooks is way out in front with 138 million albums sold.


9 am Headlines

Guy goes to jail over kitty litter mistaken for meth.

A new anchor sets off Alexa devices around San Diego ordering unwanted dollhouses.

When you send an email, there's only a 34% chance you'll get a response, according to a new study.  And if you make a typo in the subject line, your chance of getting a response drops to 29%.