Headlines For Wednesday, October 11, 2017

October 11, 2017

6 am Headlines


Why do we love popping pimples so much?  According to one expert, it gives us the same sense of instant gratification that we get from riding a roller coaster.

A Utah cop is fired after arresting a nurse who wouldn't draw blood.


8 am Headlines 


Terry Crews shared his own Story after the Weinstein Scandal.
He says a Hollywood exec groped him at party.

The Tamagotchi virtual pets are making a comeback, just like everything from the '90s.  A new version is going on sale next month for $14.99.


9 am Headlines


A 3-year-old boy spent the night in child welfare custody after he got lost in a Utah corn maze.

 Burger King is adding spicy nuggets to its menu and firing up a rivalry with burger chain Wendy's, which pulled the peppery snack from most of its restaurants earlier this year. 

 A lot of people get lice this time of year, because we're all trying on the same masks and wigs for Halloween.  You can reduce your risk by wearing a swim cap when you try stuff on, and by sealing any store-bought costume in a plastic bag for 48 hours.