Headlines For Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Rise Guys

November 29, 2017

6 am Headlines


Video leads to an arrest in the case of a stolen mounted zebra head.

You should throw away your underwear every year, according to a new study . . . or they become a health risk.  Even though you're washing them, old underwear can still develop a buildup of bacteria like E. coli, which can lead to infections.


8 am Headlines



Matt Lauer was fired by NBC, accused of "inappropriate sexual behavior"

Fingerlings are officially the biggest toy of this holiday season — and they might already be impossible to get before Christmas

This year’s hot Christmas toy: the LOL big surprise.

Despite what President Trump claims, he did not take himself out of the running to be "Time" magazine's Person of the Year.  He still might get it.  And the odds in Vegas are decent:  4 to 1. 


9 am Headlines


The secret to being more popular, according to a new study, is . . . nodding.  Researchers found that people who nodded a lot were 30% more likeable and 40% more approachable.

  According to a new study, houses on streets with embarrassing names sell for less than similar houses on streets with normal names.  So homes on streets like "Butt Road" sell for an average of 20% below their market value.
 The paparazzi spotted Mark Hamill at JFK Airport in New York, but he didn't look so good.  He was in a wheelchair, with a black hat pulled over his eyes.  A few people recognized him, but he wouldn't talk to anyone.