Headlines For Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Rise Guys

May 10, 2017

6 am Headlines


A 68-year-old woman tries to break up a loud pool party . . . and a teenager throws her in the pool.

 A 37-year-old woman in Milwaukee got pulled over while she was driving drunk last Thursday.  And it turned out she was letting her 8-year-old son sit on her lap and steer for her.


8 am Headlines


In an affidavit from Bill O'Reilly's divorce several years ago, his ex-wife Maureen claims he beat her up pretty badly after she caught him having phone sex with no pants on.  O'Reilly has always denied he abused her.

A guy in Jordan just divorced his wife for taking photos of her food to share on Snapchat.  Apparently he was hungry, but she wouldn't let him eat until after she took the pictures . . . so he ended their marriage.

 Charlie Sheen spent this past weekend at the Wizard World convention in Minneapolis, signing autographs for $60 a pop.  A source says he stayed sober and had a good time.  But he stopped autographing baseballs because they were too hard to sign.


9 am Headlines


Billy Ray Cyrus changes his name to " Cyrus"! 

A woman tried to steal dog from PetSmart and tried to bite officers.

A man is rescued after his plane crashes in the ocean near a Myrtle Beach State Park.