Headlines For Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Rise gius

June 27, 2018

6 am Headlines


Man hopes to get job at Taco Bell, gets arrested instead.

Republican primary voters chose incumbent Gov. Henry McMaster in the South Carolina GOP primary .

 The website WalletHub.com just ranked all 50 states in order from the most patriotic to the least.  They defined patriotism in two main ways:  Military service . . . and doing your civic duty, like voting and volunteering.


7 am Headlines


Wonder Woman tops a list of the most popular female superhero in each state.

6% of people say they get angry when someone calls in sick at work, according to a new survey.  And another 19% of people say they get frustrated when someone calls in sick a lot.


9 am Headlines


Terry Crews talked to the Senate about being sexually assaulted by a Hollywood agent at a party.  Asked why he didn't fight back, he said he resisted the urge because, quote, "As a black man in America, you only have a few shots at success."

The average person spends at least four hours a week looking at random websites at work, according to a new study.  That works out to 26 entire workdays every year . . . and it means about 10% of your salary goes to the time when you're messing around on the Internet.

In 2016, a guy in Dallas got three years in jail for threatening to post fake Yelp reviews about a company if they didn't give him 30 grand.  Then as soon as he got paroled, he made good on the threat . . . started posting reviews from his halfway house . . . and a judge sentenced him to eight more years in prison for it.