Headlines For Wednesday, February 14, 2016

The Rise Guys

February 14, 2018

6 am Headlines


 A Snapchat update released last week, transforming the look of the popular messaging app, is not sitting well with users.

Kansas election officials are putting the brakes on a dog's campaign for governor.

President Duterte boasts of an order to shoot women 'in the vagina'! 


7 am Headlines


There's a guy who says he time traveled here from 2030 . . . and he actually passed a lie detector test about it.  If you're interested in his predictions, he says President Trump will be reelected in 2020 . . . humans will travel to Mars in 10 years . . . and time travel becomes possible in 2028.

The LAPD arrested a guy who came from Milwaukee to be with Miley Cyrus.  In addition to professing his love for Miley on Facebook, he also talked about having to complete the "most horrific act" in order to "create a new world."


9 am Headlines


Searches for cupid porn go up 652% on the average Valentine's Day, according to Pornhub.  And searches for "love" go up 244%, because people want some romance with their hardcore smut today.

 Here's why you don't like new music once you get older.  A new study found your music taste is basically locked in by the time you're 16, so you gravitate toward the type of music . . . and the actual songs . . . that were popular when you were in middle school and high school.