Headlines For Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Rise Guys

September 12, 2017

6 am Headlines


Some thieves in New Mexico stole a U-Haul early yesterday morning . . . but all that was inside was a casket with a dead body.  The thieves abandoned it and the cops got it back to the family that was trying to transport their dad to his funeral.

The art for Gregg Allman's final album  features a portrait of Gregg painted in his own blood.


7 am Headlines


 Eating fast food can protect you from getting cancer.

Kmart just announced that it's not going to be calling its plus-sized clothing "plus-size" any more.  No . . . it will now be in a section called "Fabulously Sized."


9 am Headlines


A cybersecurity scientist has issued a bizarre warning that sex robots could one day rise up and kill their owners if hackers can get inside their heads.

Ohio lets kids marry too young.
Girls younger than 16 can wed if pregnant and have parents', court's permission.