Headlines For Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Rise Guys

November 14, 2017

6 am Headlines

One Woman is hospitalized Several people were arrested after a weekend brawl outside a Chuck E. Cheese in Athens.

Food and Drug Administration has approved the first drug in the United States with a digital ingestion tracking system. 


7 am Headlines


 Public masturbation is so rampant in Chicago's Cook County Jail that officials offered inmates pizza to stop.

The average person will go to more than one Thanksgiving dinner this year, according to a new survey.  And 30% are stressed about how complicated it is to juggle all of the different places they have to be on Thanksgiving.


9 am Headlines


Actor Tom Sizemore was told to leave a Utah film set in 2003 after an 11-year-old actress told her mother that he had touched her genital.

A new study conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of SunTrust Bank  finds that a 
Majority Of Americans Would Skip Holiday Gift-Giving