Headlines For Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Rise Guys

March 13, 2018

6 am Headlines

Here's the new viral trend:  What if the last thing you texted is what goes on your tombstone?  So now people are sharing their last text on Twitter to show just how embarrassing it would be as their eternal legacy.
A 14-year-old used her Parents' card to rent a party house. It did not end well.


7 am Headlines


A new study in England found people who exercise and stay active throughout their life don't age as fast.  Even at 70 or 80, you can still have the same muscle mass, cholesterol, and immune system of someone half your age.  But it's all about consistency and making sure you keep. exercising.

Declassified Military Video Shows Fast-Moving UFO Tracked By Navy Fighter Pilots

Bizarre battle over body of Charles Manson won by his grandson.


9 am Headlines

Costco selling $6,000 doomsday meal kits

The Bride was arrested for DUI on way to her wedding.

Lawmakers discuss change after man tried throwing footballs containing contraband into Upstate prison, per warrant