Headlines For Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Rise Guys

February 6, 2018

6 am Headlines


Japanese scientists have discovered a potential cure for baldness … McDonald’s French fries. 

Actor John Mahoney died Sunday at his home in Chicago.  He was 77.  He was best known for playing Kelsey Grammer's dad on the sitcom "Frasier".  He was also in the movies "Tin Men", "Moonstruck", "Eight Men Out", and "Say Anything."


7 am Headlines



Kristen Bell says that one time she was experiencing a potentially dangerous build-up of milk in her breast, and her husband Dax Shepard had to suck it out. 

A guy in a mask tried to rob a pizza place in Massachusetts last week, but the employees tackled him.  And when they pulled off his mask, he turned out to be their former boss.  He was arrested for armed robbery and assault.

According to a new survey, one out of ten men will break wind on a first date.  And one in five men say they'll pee with the door open within a few dates.


9 am Headlines


 A woman in Florida got into an argument with her boyfriend during the Super Bowl over which team would win . . . and she threw a wooden shelf at him that hit him in the hand.  She was arrested for aggravated battery.

Super Bowl argument causes injury to a Florida man.

The CEO of Doritos . . . who's a woman, by the way . . . just announced they're planning a new line of chips for WOMEN that will be less crunchy, have less cheese powder, and come in bags that fit in a purse.  And the reaction on Twitter has been VERY sarcastic and unhappy.