Headlines For Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Rise Guys

November 9, 2017


6 am Headlines

 Listening to Christmas music right now could be BAD for your mental health, according to a psychologist.  She says that when you listen to it this early, it just reminds you of ALL the stuff you have to do to get ready for the holidays, and that will stress you out.

A guy's Amazon Alexa randomly started blasting music in the middle of the night this weekend, while he was out of town.  The cops came and wound up busting into his apartment to shut it off.  He had to cover the cost of the locksmith.

7 am Headlines


A biotech startup plans to unleash mosquitoes to help wipe out mosquitoes.

 It's hard to swat a fly because they basically see the world in slow motion.  It has to do with something called "flicker fusion rate," which is kind of like the frame rate of a camera.  Basically, humans see 60 frames a second, and houseflies see 250 frames a second.

 new survey, 78% of people say they rarely or NEVER honk at other drivers.  That means only 22% of people admit they aren't shy about using their horn . . . and that number seems ridiculousy low.


9 am Headlines


The "National Enquirer" says CHARLIE SHEEN sexually abused COREY HAIM on the set of the 1986 movie "Lucas".  At the time, Corey was 13 and Charlie was 19.  Charlie denies it.

Humvee Maker Sues Activision For Trademark Infringement In Call Of Duty Video Games