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The Rise Guys

December 6, 2018

6 am Headlines 

The Trumps, Obamas, Clintons, and Carters awkwardly sat together in the first row at President George H.W. Bush's funeral yesterday.  But George W. Bush lightened the icy mood a bit by giving Michelle Obama yet another candy . . . before delivering a powerful eulogy.

Apple just released the most downloaded iPhone apps this year.  And the top five are:  YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, and Facebook.


7  am Headlines

Someone took stats from Rotten Tomatoes and Google Trends and came up with the most popular Christmas movie in every state.  "Gremlins" is #1 in seven states, and "Home Alone" is the most popular in six.  However, the holiday classic "It's a Wonderful Life" got snubbed.

Over a decade after it last aired, MTV is bringing back "Celebrity Deathmatch".  That's the Claymation series where celebrities wrestle each other . . . and usually obliterate each other.  Ice Cube is onboard as the host.


9 am Headlines

Cheesecake Factory was giving away free slices yesterday if you used DoorDash . . . but that wound up causing chaos at a bunch of locations as the drivers battled for parking and crammed into the restaurants.  And one driver in Virginia was even arrested for fighting with the cops.

Is it cool to give someone exercise gear as a Christmas present if they didn't specifically ask for it?  According to a new survey, 45% of people say no, it's not okay . . . and only 25% say it's fine.

 Tinder just released some end-of-the-year statistics, and they found that in 2018, the most popular time for swiping was . . . 9:00 P.M. on Mondays.