Headlines For Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Rise Guys

August 3, 2017

6 am Headlines

A 77-year-old guy in Florida was upset on Friday night when his 72-year-old girlfriend didn't want to get-it-on.  So he squirted her with LUBE . . . and was arrested for battery.

Some women at a Macy's in Florida got into a brawl on Saturday after they cut in line at a free lipstick giveaway.  The cops had to come break it up, but none of the women decided to press charges.


7 am Headlines

Police in suburban St. Louis are investigating the case of a woman suspected of shaving a neighbor boy’s head and writing “pervert” on his forehead in retaliation for his interaction with her daughter.

A 58-year-old guy in Pennsylvania was arrested on Sunday after he threatened to kill a Wendy's employee, because there weren't enough cucumbers in his salad.


9 am Headlines


Authorities say a man speeding down an interstate in Louisiana has been arrested after deputies found 2 pounds (1 kilogram) of marijuana in cereal boxes.

Seven Roman Catholic priests were refused service in a Welsh pub after staff mistook them for a stag party in fancy dress.

Passengers Smoking Pot Leads to Texas Train Attack
A man says he was beaten until he was unconscious Sunday night after asking a group of fellow passengers to stop smoking marijuana on a Dallas train.