Headlines For Monday, May 14, 2018

The Rise Guys

May 14, 2018

6 am Headlines


A Nigerian woman alledges that she says she was kicked off an United flight after a white man complained she was ‘pungent.’ 


7 am Headlines

Nine Inch Nails will be hitting the road this fall with fellow '80s and '90s rock heroes The Jesus and Mary Chain and it looks like the bands will be going "old school" when it comes to ticketing as well. The "physical world presale" will be held on May 19 in most cities, with the Denver date taking place on May 20.

7-Eleven teamed up with a manufacturing company on self-chilling cans.  You just twist the base of the can and it uses carbon dioxide to cool it down, even if it's been sitting in the sun . . . no refrigeration needed.


9 am Headlines


A woman with no legs had a warrant out in Florida . . . and her boyfriend tried to hide her from the cops on Tuesday by shoving her into a plastic storage bin.  But they found her in there and arrested her.

 Some psycho started yelling at the employees at a gas station in Mississippi last Wednesday, because some peach cobbler he bought didn't have enough peaches in it.  Then another customer stuck up for them, and the guy pulled a GUN and shot him in the back.  Luckily he wasn't seriously injured.