Headlines For Monday, March 12, 2018

The Rise Guys

March 12, 2018


6 am Headlines

A drunk guy tried to backflip over a woman's table at a bar in Georgia last week . . . but he crashed through it instead AND landed on the woman's head.  She went to the hospital and the cops are trying to track down the guy.

A new study found that when employees jammed needles into voodoo dolls of their bosses, it actually made them feel less resentful about their jobs . . . and the quality of their work went up.


7 am Headlines


Alabama Incensed Over 'Horrific' Smell of New York Poo
And the Big Apple backs down

 A "reprehensible" sorority scavenger hunt that "involved the use of drugs and alcohol, sexual activity, and other activities that violate Lehigh University policy" counts as hazing even if participants took part willingly. 

University of Calgary researchers discover stress isn't just contagious; it alters the brain on a cellular level.


9 am Headlines


Elon Musk says Mars will need bars and pizza Joints.

 A woman was at a drag queen show in Florida in 2015 and she was injured when one of the performers shoved her face between their breasts.  Now she's suing for $1.5 million.