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November 30, 2018

6 am Headlines
72% of families have a Christmas tradition of going to the movies over the holidays . . . and the most anticipated movies this year are "The Grinch", "Mary Poppins Returns", "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald", "Aquaman", and "Ralph Breaks the Internet".


Starbucks just announced they're going to start banning people from using their wifi to watch porn.  


7 am Headlines

Michael J. Fox didn't initially think he could get Parkinson's disease . . . because he's Michael J. Fox.  He says he turned to alcohol to deal with it at first, but his wife Tracy helped him come to terms with it.

A 40-year-old guy in Florida got arrested for drunk driving this past Saturday.  And while he was on his way to jail in a cop car, he forgot he'd been arrested and thought the cop was his Uber driver


9 am Headlines

A guy in Illinois sent a prostitute $40 over PayPal earlier this week , then she never showed up.  So he went to the police, because he thought he wouldn't get in trouble since they didn't get-it-on.  He was wrong . . . they arrested him for solicitation, and there's no word if they've tracked down the prostitute. 

Pens and pencils are the top thing we steal from work.  38% of us have done it.  The rest of the top five are stationery, printer paper, staplers, and food from the kitchen.  Toilet paper just missed the top five.  7% of us have stolen a roll from work.

One out of five families say they have at least one strange Christmas tradition.