Headlines For Friday, June 9, 2017

The Rise Guys

June 9, 2017

6 am Headlines


A Florida man allegedly made a false 911 call to get a ride from Sheriff's deputies to a Hooters restaurant. He got a ride straight to jail!

Here are the top three things people secretly spend money on behind their partners' backs, according to a new survey:  Clothes or beauty products . . . gambling . . . and foods they feel guilty about eating.


8 am Headlines


Amazon announced discounted Prime memberships to low-income customers. The company will now allow the use of EBT Cards.

There's a one-year-old German shepherd named Gavel in Queensland, Australia and he's been in training to become a police dog.  But he just got fired . . . because he likes belly rubs too much.
There's a vending machine in Russia where you can buy fake instagram likes.