Headlines For Friday, June 29, 2019

The Rise Guys

June 29, 2018

6 am Headlines

A Japanese company just invented a device that lets you know if you have body odor.  It "sniffs" the chemical compounds that make you stink, and it ranks your smell on a scale of one to 10.  If you want one though, you'll probably have to buy it from a Japanese website.
 Earlier this week, a guy in Wisconsin was about to take some upskirt photos with his shoe camera . . . when it exploded.  He wound up with an injured foot . . . but didn't wind up with any criminal charges, since he never took any pictures.

The man who's body odor grounded a plane died a month later.  It turns out Andrey Suchilin was suffering from necrosis, which was causing the smell.

What does necrosis look like? Here's a video for you:


7 am Headlines

Could you live to be 200? A new study suggests that there's no limit to how old people can age.


9 am Headlines

A list of the Best Bad Movies of All Time includes "Anaconda", "Armageddon", "Road House", "Flash Gordon", "Showgirls", and the "Sharknado" flicks.

 We're all creatures of habit.  A new study found that we only regularly go to 25 places.  Sure, sometimes you'll try going somewhere new . . . but most of the time, you're just hitting up the same spots.