Headlines For Friday, January 13, 2018

The Rise Guys

January 12, 2018

6 am Headlines


If you're not familiar with "humblebragging," it's when someone brags . . . almost always on social media . . . but tries to disguise it as a negative thing. 

 A woman in Connecticut skipped her mother's funeral last Friday . . . to break into her house and steal her safe.  The cops wound up tracing it to her, and she and her boyfriend were arrested for theft.


7 am Headlines


Chelsea Handler went off on Republican Senator Lindsey Graham on Twitter . . . basically accusing him of being a closeted gay man who's being blackmailed into supporting President Trump.  Not only that, but she used some obscene language.

Apparently for most of us, taking a selfie to put on Instagram becomes a full-on Sears Portrait Studio photo shoot.  According to a new survey, only 5% of women and 16% of men take just one selfie and then post it. 


9 am Headlines


Liam Neeson is approached by a woman who poses a hypothetical question asking him if he could find someone who doesn't belong on the train before it reaches its final stop.  But then he realizes he's trapped in a deadly conspiracy that also threatens his wife and son.


"Friends" recently hit Netflix in the U.K., and British Millennials have apparently been shocked at how it's filled with now-offensive stuff like body-shaming, transphobia, sexism, inappropriate relationships, and homophobia.

 Scientists in Australia just successfully tested an electronic pill that you swallow to monitor the flatulence in your stomach . . . and you can watch the gas forming in real time on your phone.  If, for some reason, that sounds great to you, unfortunately it will be at least a few years before these hit the market.

A new study found doing more than three hours of chores a day can compromise a woman's health . . . but men can basically do unlimited chores and it has no effect.  The study specifically looked at people around retirement age though.