Like a virgin!

I've never done this before!

June 7, 2017

That title is in reference to heavy metal! I've done some of that before, but this weekend will be the first time I've ever been in the presence of IRON MAIDEN, BABY!
Between Iron Maiden and Ghost, I'm pretty excited for a great, legendary band and a great, legendary live show even if I don't get anything else.
I like Iron Maiden. I don't love Iron Maiden, but I do love that old school heavy metal scene. You know my opinon of Iron Maiden fans? They're generally very nice people. Anything I'd say about people who love the blank of out Pantera does not apply to people who love Iron Maiden. Hell, Iron Maiden fans generally have jobs and generally do not seem to smoke meth!
But, metal heads, you gotta tell me: Am I wrong? Will I be walking blindly into an amphitheatre full of devil worshipping, blood letting, goat-sacrificing evil? Or will it mainly be middle aged dudes wearing blue jeans from 25 years ago, wishing there was a place in Charlotte you could rent an IROC for one night, and trying to relive their glory days at Mallard Creek High School?
I imagine more of that. It seems like people who actually sacrifice goats tend to listen to music you don't hear on the radio, now that I think about it a little more.
I'll be there, drinking my $9 beers in section 4, so if you're a P1 you oughta drop by and say hey and we can throw up some horns and headbang a little bit. Not too much, though. When I headbang, I stop short of messing up my pretty hair.