The Nerd Dating Game is Coming!

The Rise Guys and relationships!

May 8, 2017

Later this week, we are doing the Nerd Dating Game for the very first time ever! I'm kinda excited because it's always fun to get people doing things like that. This time, though, we are breaking our own rules. We are trying to find a date for P1 Scrub Guy. He's a self-professed nerd who has a hard time finding ladies who are into him.
Doing this show every morning, we hear from lots of people with lots of relationship problems, lots of people who have a tough time finding love, and it's mainly a lot of people trying to force relationships with people who just aren't the right fit for them.
Don't force it, y'all. It's easier said than done. I was guilty of it myself for most of my life. When I finally figured it out, I spent about 2 years being pretty lonely and miserable, but by then I knew more about what I wanted so I was able to avoid trying to force it. I quit wasting time because I didn't let my own lonelines or desperation get the better of me anymore. That's where people get in a lot of trouble. They start thinking stuff like, "Well I know I'm kinda nerdy and chill and she seems like she wants a dude who gets arrested once a month, rides a crotch rocket and drinks 12 energy drinks every day because he's so EXTREME, but maybe she will change her mind, change what she likes, change who she is, and decide she wants to hang out with me instead!" No, that's wrong and you're dumb for thinking it. Trust me, as a self-professed idiot for the exact same reason, I know.
Now that I have a little wisdom to work with, I understand there is someone out there for P1 Scrub Guy! There's someone out there who can get along with dang near everybody. Now I said dang near. I know and have met plenty of people who probably don't have a match anywhere in the entire world, at least not with any living things.
Plus, depending on how this goes, I am working on booking the first ever 19 Year Old Virgin Dating Game, starring a young lady P1!
So, ladies, if you're out there saying you want a nice guy, and you actually mean it, you oughta give P1 Scrub Guy a shot this week! You might like him. And once we find him some love, we will work on findind a mate for a virgin P1!